5 Signs You’re Caught In Reactive Mode

Proactive or Reactive. Which mode you are in makes all the difference for how your life feels and how far your dreams can go.

When you spend your time reacting, putting out fires, getting pulled into drama you are definitely not investing your time in your dreams.

Here are 5 signs you’re caught in reactive mode.

Author: Nicole

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16 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re Caught In Reactive Mode”

  1. I feel like if I’ve learned something that I can share and bring awareness to people, I do share. I do hope that people will see and what I’ve learned but if they don’t it’s up to them. I’m not saying I’m right, I just believe in trying to see both sides to make an educated decision. I don’t know of this is right or not. But I have been working at letting go of this energy and l8ving in my energy.

  2. Love the way you described the ego-mind: Point of view and perceptions set by a conditioned mind. Conditioned by stories, fear-based programming

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