Life wasn’t always a merry-go-round of happy butterflies and cotton candy for me.

A lot of people look at me and think I’ve never had a down day. But that’s because being positive is my commitment, not because it was given to me on a silver spoon.

Far from it. Not to get into a trauma share, I had to take care of myself growing up because my mother was simply not up to the task. I had to determine my own direction because what my mother was telling me just didn’t feel good. It turned out she had multiple personality disorder so it was a good thing I learned my own way. 

But I will tell you I learned that nobody was going to give me happiness and I wasn’t going to get anywhere playing the victim either.

I had to make my own happiness.

In fact I’ve always felt like I was trying to break free from things that didn’t feel right, and run toward things that did feel right, making my way like Dorothy down the Yellow Brick Road.

There was a wicked witch threatening to burn me and my friends to the ground, and poppies luring me to sleep, and even a bunch of flying monkeys trying to take away my dog, but I wasn’t going to let these challenges keep me from my own emerald green Oz and my horse of many colors.

Along the journey to happiness I noticed that good things happened for me and others when I followed the good feeling notions that came to me…what I learned people called “intuition.”

There were many ways I learned to follow the signs that came to me to help myself, my clients and friends. I took the part of me that people said was, “too sensitive,” and turned it into my super power.

What evolved was the ability to consciously feel what is going on with other people, and help them through it faster. It has become second nature to me to open people’s awareness and help them see things from a new perspective.

Like the client who had built a business that no longer inspired her and let her clients along with her ego convince her she that she could not say no to what was not feeling in alignment for her. She realized that she had many options, she had the power to say no, to choose her own path and let her soul lead the way which led her right into her intentional joy, consistently and allowed her to shine so brightly she inspired everyone around her.

And the client who changed her self-concept from “too sensitive”, “just being emotional again” and “not able to let things go” to standing in her own power, staying in her own energy and voicing her feelings with confidence and conviction enough that she left her unhealthy marriage where she felt entirely disconnected and moved on to become a community leader, professional artist and deeply valued in a new relationship. (at the age of 69 proving it’s never too late to make changes)

And the client who felt angry and confused in her teen years, unable to harness her rage, was medicated with drugs in an effort to control her emotions which she did not want. Her tremendous creativity was buried under the feeling that she had no power to speak up for what she wanted + did not want. She learned how to communicate and process her feelings and is enjoying her life as a confident, happy and healthy young artist who feels in control of her life and future endeavors. She is thriving and dreaming up big dreams with the determination to pursue them – no prescription meds required to stay afloat, she’s soaring high and navigating all on her own.

Wayne Dyer said when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. What I have discovered is that if you also change the way you feel about something, everything changes.

You’re not limited to any circumstance.

So if something is showing up as a negative, the law of opposites says the positive is right on the other side. To find it, all you have to do is look for it.

I want you to get a glimpse of what could unfold for you when you look beyond your own limitations and let your soul soar.

Schedule a call with me, and in less than the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee understand what has been holding you back – and – how to change it.