Radio Show

Coffee and inspiration go well together!

Join me on The COC Show for conversations that are strong and stimulating like a black cup of coffee! Yes, bolder, unfiltered, freshly brewed topics to help you experience your life to the fullest.

A lot can happen over a simple cup of coffee. Beautiful things like connection, renewing friendships, solving your biggest dilemmas and putting the happy back in your soul.

That’s exactly what we’ll do on the show. . .Help you get the clarity you want and need on all topics – LIFE – in less time than it takes to finish your cup o Joe!

Amazing people. Inspiring conversations. & You. Join us for a new experience every show to awaken your senses and your soul.

And we’ll be taking LIVE CALLERS so you can espresso yourself! I cannot wait to have coffee with YOU.

Check back for our launch date in March 2021!