Do you sometimes feel drained energetically, but you don’t know why?

Do you do self-care and then wonder what’s wrong with you when you still feel crappy?

Do you sometimes resent your body because it hurts, holds on to stubborn fat, bloats like a beachball – keeps you from feeling good?

Feeling good, vibrant, healthy and ready for anything should not feel hard. Your energy should flow through you like the strong current of a river.

Flow, that’s the good stuff. It means movement, as in a steady unbroken, unhindered stream of feel good movement.

Rivers move and keep moving. Even though it doesn’t have a plan all mapped out, doesn’t know what’s around the bend, it just keeps flowing.

It doesn’t sit around wondering what it left behind or where it’s headed, it just continues to move forward.

Without that movement, without the flow, it would not be a river, but a dam. All blocked up, holding back it’s purpose which is to flow.

We can learn much from a river, to focus on flow more than needing things to be a certain way or trying to control what unfolds before us.

When your spirit flows, all things lead to healing.

How you feel impacts the quality of your life – and the quality or lack of your habits, mindset, relationships and all areas of your life, impact how you feel.

Have you noticed lately that even positive, fun things feel like work?

When you are energetically over-extended, depleted or your energy is damaged this can leave you feeling stuck and seeking answers to life’s big questions, blocked on how to change it or just stagnant and blah.

You might recognize something has to change but feeling unclear or exhausted, unsure where to begin, telling yourself, “I just want to feel like myself again.”

Your thoughts drift off to…“What happened to ME? When did stress take over my life?” Wondering who the wore-out, tired woman staring back at you in the mirror is.

If you’re nodding your head yes but at the same time downplaying that it must just be age, I can tell you it’s not. It’s a myth that you’re just getting older or starting to show your age, and not a motto I recommend living by.

If you’re hearing reasons in your head like “it’s been hectic lately” or that “I’ve just been really busy”, pause and ask yourself how long it’s been since your really felt – amazing.

If you cannot remember, it’s been far too long. Even if you can remember but it wasn’t this week, it’s been far too long.

As a Medical Intuitive & Coach, I’ve combined energy healing, intuitive coaching, self-care, time strategies, nutrition and my 30 years in health and wellness into unique programs designed to meet you right where you are.

I’d love to help you start gaining control of your day, one step at a time.

There are a number of signs or symptoms that your energy needs are not being met that go beyond just “not feeling like yourself” that you might feel frustrated with that are calling for your attention.

Since 2006, I’ve coached women from all over the world who felt the way I used to.

The women I have helped have moved away from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, not good enough and like every corner of their life has a fire to put out to spiritually fulfilled with vibrant energy to pursue what they want.

They have an endless supply of vitality, confidence, inspiration, creativity – self-love and compassion. They no longer ignore their own needs, they give freely to themselves what is needed or simply wanted.

This helps them to be better mothers, wives, leaders and their own best friend instead of running on fumes trying to keep up, short on patience, unable to think straight.

Many have even gone on to become professional artists, writers, coaches, speakers, impact-makers and spiritual business owners, doing what makes them feel most alive while sharing their gifts.