If You’re Not Sure


They’ve been in therapy for years or tried traditional therapy but they still feel the same – or worse.

They’re reached a point where “trying to figure it out” on their own just isn’t working.

They are tired of spinning their wheels and want to see results faster.

They know they have something powerful to share but fear overrides their courage to take action.

They feel lost and confused about their purpose and direction, even though they feel like there’s more, something they are here to share.

They’ve been told by doctors there’s nothing wrong with them physically but they feel terrible, can’t seem to heal or figure out why their body feels the way it does.

They can’t quite explain it but they feel drawn to work with me, almost like we are old friends even though we’ve never met.

I tell it like it is, no sugar coating and may even drop an occasional “f-bomb”. (True story)

When they hear my story, they cannot believe it, that an introvert like me is doing all that she does, out in the open, for all the world to see – and they want some of that in their life too.

They want to feel a lot more “badass” but they don’t know how to get there.

They like the way I teach, explain and get to the core of the matter that is causing them distress, resistance and hesitation.

When they tell me their goals, hopes and dreams, they feel like “I get them” sometimes even more than anyone else in their life.

I’ve been through shit too, in the trenches. I get it, how it feels and I know the way out and up.

They love my energy for life and want to feel that way in their life.

They don’t want another person to tell them what to do, they want a coach and mentor who will show them how to use their intuition to guide their own decisions for stronger outcomes.