How a Medical Intuitive Works

I intuitively scan the body and chakras, or power centers, for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. All my energy scans are done through a distant energetic connection.

I am able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the dis-ease a client is experiencing. I can provide the client with further evaluation and discussion of techniques to clear emotional and energetic blockages. 

This type of non-medical healing art or energy work involves my intuitive guidance, talking with the client to bring presence to what they feel and where they feel it in their body.

I allow my inner knowing or intuitive nature to lead and identify energy blockages and imbalances, recognizing the strengths, gifts and weak areas of my client’s overall health and well being.

I have helped clients release tension and pain, release weight-loss resistance and gut-health issues stemming from negative emotions impacting their physiology.

This provides a positive physical environment in their body for closure, release and healing they were many times unable to achieve with traditional therapy, medications and methods – or when they were told there was nothing “physically wrong with them” by physicians via test results, even though they did not feel well, healthy or vibrant.

There is much healing that occurs for my clients as we work together and remove their emotional blocks but this is enhanced when combined with other healing modalities.

My services address the emotional, energetic and mental pillars and influence their physical health, but the energy healing and coaching I offer coincides well with other physical healing modalities which is why I often discuss or recommend my clients also receive care like massage, chiropractic, reflexology, and cranial sacral to name a few.

This is also why practitioners will refer their clients to me who are stressed, not responding to care or just as an added layer of support for their clients and patients.

Note: Although a Medical Intuitive can often see what a traditional examination may overlook a session with a Medical Intuitive is not recommended as a replacement for medical treatment. I do not diagnose, treat conditions or work with medications or recommendations regarding changes to prescription medications.

Energy Scan Process

Optimal health requires a free flow of life force energy throughout the energy and physical body. This flowing life force energy feeds our organs and our bodily systems.

If the energy is blocked, it cuts off flow much like a kink in a hose that depletes systems, cells, function and organs. Low frequency or negative energy impacts physiology negatively and is the underlying cause of illness and dis-ease in the body.

When this flow or ease is restored and high frequency or positive energy is once again allowed to flow freely, the body begins to heal itself, systems function properly and the person feels lighter, healthier and more vibrant.

An energy scan is a process to assess the health of one’s energy, which directly correlates to their emotional + physical state of health.

What I See

When I do an energy scan, my observations are made by seeing, feeling, sensing and listening internally, more than seeing the person’s physical body. This is why I don’t need to be in the same physical space with the client, but can connect and scan from anywhere.

Using my inner vision, I start at the root chakra and begin my scan. Over time and having done hundreds to thousands of scans, I’ve developed a number of images that describe the energy in each chakra that I can share with the client.

I can sense if the client has energy blocks, hot pockets or tense balls of energy. I am able to determine what kind of block it is, where it is stemming from and  why it is there.  As I read this information, I discuss with the client my findings and how to go about clearing the restriction.