My Philosophy

To fully explain the science, philosophy, and art of the coaching + intuitive energy work I do could fill hours of engaging conversation and fill many pages. I’ve studied energy and healing for over 30 years and worked with thousands of people from all over the world.

Here is my attempt to describe the essence behind my philosophy.

You are hardwired with intuitive technology. It consists of components that all work together to guide you using signals. The largest component is your body, where you feel your signals called emotions. Emotions (chemical charge) are fired from your mind from thought. And all of this is calibrated by your intuition.

This means that at any time if you move your thought or focus to anything in your life, you’ll feel something in your body.

If what you’re focused on is in alignment for you, you’ll feel a positive charge or emotion (ease, comfort, celebration, calmness and so on) if that area is not in alignment for you, you’ll feel a negative charge (anxiety, conflict, stress, pressure, tension, constriction and so on)

Your body will never lie to you. Unlike a friend who only tells you what you want to hear, your body will tell you exactly what’s up, what needs your attention and what may need to change through the emotional charges you feel physically.

If you’re unaware, too distracted to notice or stubborn and choose to ignore those signals, symptoms can develop if this goes on long enough. The negative energy or emotions lodge, conflict, and constrict. You feel this as pain, tension, discomfort, depleted energy and your body deteriorates while you feel crummy.

These emotional signals are triggered by your intuitive technology. When something in your life is not in alignment, your intuition fires off an emotion that’s not fun to feel to let you know. If something is right for you, you get fun feeling emotions too to validate you’re doing awesome.

But it’s your job to notice, tune in, listen and adjust. Because how cool is it that “the power that created the body heals the body” as BJ Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic put it.

That’s where all of this can go amiss. Even though you have this amazing system pre-wired in you to guide you using your EPS – Emotional Positioning System – most people ignore the signals, tolerate what’s not working in their life and avoid implementing change – because it can feel hard, personal and overwhelming.

Their ego gets involved, adding self-doubt, worst case scenarios and evidence from past failures and their life goes down a path that is not right for them or they continue to make decisions that end in frustration or disappointment.

Let’s not forget how as a society we’ve been conditioned to believe that emotions are bad, to try and control them, suppress or medicate them away. This creates another layer of chaos in your chemistry, confusing the body and in many cases the mind.

My job as a medical intuitive and coach is to take the hard out of the process, to help you sift through the emotions that feel messy, separate from ego and move back into alignment with your soul to create a lifestyle plan for your life that feels exciting and inviting, that feels just right for you.

I feel what you feel but from a different perspective. So I can tune in, read between the lines and help you find your way back to what is true for you. I mentor you to trust your first feel not your second thought, so your higher self can guide your life.

I am also a translator. I channel from your guides and higher self, filling in the blanks for you, helping you to validate what you feel is true for you. I don’t do this for you, I do this as a guide. I don’t heal you, I help you remove the emotional and mental obstacles so your body can heal itself.

Just like a chiropractor adjusts the spine to remove nerve interference, I help you adjust your perspective to remove emotional interference. The result is restored communication and flow through your body, mind and soul.

I’ve had clients move away from dis-ease in the body, medications and unsupportive subconscious agreements, pain and suffering to regaining flow and function in their body, mind and spirit. They were able to restore free flowing energy in their body for healing that manifested throughout their life.

I can help someone get started with a single session but because habits have been formed, with unsupportive subconscious agreements driving those habits, long-term transformation happens over time with guidance, accountability and support.

I recognize and call out the ego, help my clients learn to trust themselves and empower them to follow through with the changes that help them stop tolerating and starting honoring what they truly want for their life.

I offer personalized 90-day plans or can work with clients 6 months or longer depending on their vision, goals and circumstances. I am their person while they roll out their new approach to their life, always in their corner, honoring who they are and what they want.