Easy Like Sunday Morning

Remember the song “Easy” by Lionel Richie? 

The song is a slow break-up ballad of a man expressing his feelings after a relationship ends. Instead of feeling depressed about it, he feels a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders hence the line “I’m easy like Sunday morning”. 

That’s how my client felt by the end of her session, but that’s not where she started.

​She opened the session with “I feel so bad about myself right now.” She was experiencing tightness in her gut, chest, shoulders, and jaw. 

She had a recent conversation with a ‘friend’ who took the liberty of letting her know all the things she thought my client should be doing better, more of and less of. This included how she ran her business, her marriage and her household. 

I couldn’t believe it. This person came to her house and scolded her for not doing things this woman thought should be done.

Say what now? 

Friends should not make you feel bad about yourself. Not ever.

That was all I could think as my client’s story unfolded about this friendship.

Her big question was whether or not she should continue to ‘work at the friendship’ or just walk away. Turns out, this was not the first time she left a conversation with this ‘friend’ feeling this way.

I know, no one can make you feel bad unless you let them.

When you open your world to someone you want to have a friendship with, when you tell them things in privacy from a vulnerable state, you also want to be able to trust that your friend has your back, that your friend can listen, support, and encourage. 

Maybe even challenge you if that’s what is needed but from a place of strength not superiority.

I have an amazing friend and when I’m in a low place, she’s there for me. When I’m in a negative mindset, she has a way of helping me see my way up. She challenges me but at the same time she reminds me all that I’m capable of and more. 

And she never does it by putting me down. I feel lighter, brighter and ready for life again. We do this for each other. 

So while no one can make you feel bad unless you let them, you can feel hurt, disappointed and confused that someone you trust and open up to would take your life, your feelings, you – who you are – and throw it like a pie in your face with judgement sprinkled on top.

You shouldn’t have to apply all your energy tools, confidence boosters and self-talk – just to stay friends with someone who continually points out what they see as your flaws, who makes you feel like you’re being watched and gives you their two worthless cents of orders, telling you how to live your life.

By the end of our time on the call my client gave some liberty back to herself with the decision to walk away from the relationship that she wished was a true friendship.

I was happy to feel the weight lifting from her heart, the tightness releasing in her body and I could feel her spirit lifting. 

My client, like so many I have the privilege to coach, works her tail off, runs her own business that she bootstrapped from the ground up and handles more in a day than many people handle in a week. She has a kind heart, looks out for others and has a ton of love to share. She will go out of her way to put a smile on someone else’s face.

Not only was that woman out of line to talk to my client the way she did, she never pointed out all the goodness, never gave my client a high five or congratulations for her achievements, she never showed appreciation. She just criticized her.

Not the kind of friend anyone wants to have.

During the session we talked briefly about the conversation she had and how it made her feel, but we focused the majority of our time on what she really wanted as far as the type of friend she would love to have in her life.

I asked her a few questions to get her started on clarifying what that match friendship looked and felt like for her – what was her ’10’ level kind of friendship.

  • How do you want to feel when you’re around this person? After you spend time together? When you think of this person?
  • What type of activities do you enjoy together? Do you need to be doing anything at all or is just being together the fun of it?
  • How does this person communicate with you? How do they encourage you? How do they challenge you to be better in a positive way?
  • Where is this person in their own life? Are they happy, growing, open, fulfilled, positive?

After she dished out all the amazingness of her match friendship – we compared the friendship she was questioning to her 1-10 scale.

Now that she had a clear idea of what a 10 was, it was easier for her to see a more tangible answer.

She didn’t even hesitate to say it was well below a 5 for her. Wow! A year of effort into this friendship that was not really a match to begin with. 

I asked her to go back to the very first time she met this person and observe her FIRST feeling. She admitted, it wasn’t positive. But she really wanted to make it a friendship so she opened her life and let this person in.

It’s so, so important to get clear about what you want and what that looks like and feels like – for you – first.

Don’t just talk yourself into making something out of what can never be. You end up with a long list of struggle, conversations and experiences that wear you down.

I empower my clients to make their decisions from self first but sometimes it is helpful to make the decision more tangible with the “what is a 10 for you?” process. 

My client left the call feeling lighter, empowered with her decision to walk away and more excited to meet a friend who was a great match for her.

Have you ever felt anything like this in a friendship? 

I hope not, but if you have, you’re not alone. I’ve been there too.

It’s much easier to recognize early on and to walk away, especially when you are clear about your ideal friendship qualities and you will find yourself blessed with friends who are a match.

If you’ve struggled with a friendship or are questioning one right now, be true to yourself first. And if you need support, book a call and let me know what’s up. 

The Truth About What’s Really Draining Your Energy

Have you been giving away too much energy in exchange for little to nothing?

Saying yes any which way the wind blows even when you want to say no?

Do you secretly wish you hit the pause button for all things life right about now?

If you’re over there shaking your head, I get it. You have a big heart, you love to help others. But what happens when you feel empty, when you’ve given all you can give and there’s nothing left for YOU?

I’ll go ahead and say it, you feel like crap. Your temperament is set to growly and all you can think is “go away” anytime anyone starts to approach you. Am I close?

When your nature is to help others, you naturally take on things that on the surface appear as “the right thing to do” or they may even make you feel helpful, productive, and like you’re making a difference. 

But is it the difference you want to be making?

Are you investing your time and energy into all the things that absolutely light you up inside? Or just tending to all the things you said yes to that feel like more work? All the things your ego or someone else’s guilt-trip forced upon you?

There are reasons that sensitive women end up overloaded, overwhelmed and over-extended energetically -and let me tell you it’s NOT because they cannot handle or juggle all the spinning plates.

I have to laugh at this because the women I work with, tell me they don’t want to get “spread too thin” or they’re afraid they’ll “take on too much” when they are handling more than any normal person can handle in a week!

I know they can handle a lot, but is what they are tending to what’s right for them? Typically not. They’re committed to many of the wrong things, things they assumed responsibility for that they did not need to.

I had a client who felt overwhelmed and frustrated about some of the things on her “to-do” plate. After talking through how those things landed there, she realized she had been volunteering herself to take them on for other people! She was in total surprise at that realization.

As we worked through why, she discovered old patterns of guilt and assuming responsibility to try and please others. Her conditioned mind activated pressure subconsciously to take on more and more – even if it didn’t feel right for her. She just defaulted to her ego and said yes.

Have you ever done that?

We worked on a strategy where she no longer volunteered herself unless it was something she felt in alignment with – without the guilt weighing in making her blurt our the words “I’ll just take care of it”!

She now makes her decisions from an intuitive yes or intuitive no.

There are so many different reasons (all personal) as to why sensitive women, why you might give and give only to end up feeling empty.

When there’s no return of energy that lights you up, just a one-sided way of moving through life, all pushing and forcing it’s very wearing on your energy.

You might fall into a negative pattern of people pleasing to keep the peace, taking on loads of projects in an effort to prove yourr worthtalk yourself into things only to realize you have a life full of everything you don’t like, feeling obligated from guilt trips of family members – the list goes on.

I’m sure you’d agree when you feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed you’re not as inspired, not ready to take on those big dreams or leap out of your comfort zone am I right?

You may even feel lost and confused, stuck, depressed or question if you have what it takes to change things. I promise you do! You may need a bit of support to call out the old pattern and how to change it, but you have the power to change what you don’t like that is not serving you if you decide to.

So what’s the solution?

You get really selective about what you say yes to. How do you do that? You empower yourself to get really clear about who you are and what you like and do want by connecting with your intuition.

And as important, you get really clear about what is not working for you, what you don’t want. What makes you feel your intuitive “no”. With that, you create a strategy to eliminate those things.

This frees up your time, energy and space to put toward whatever you really do want! That way, whatever you give your time, energy and focus to gives you a return of energy that fills you back up!

Your action step: Make a list of the things on your plate that are NOT working for you.

What are you giving your time, energy and effort to that is not filling you back up?
Where are you giving too much with no return for you? (or who are you giving to?)

Hit me up, let me know what comes up for you in the comments below.

And if you’ve been feeling spread too thin, be sure to watch this.

What do you need to unlearn to become unstoppable?

Trying to accomplish new things, step out into your new dreams – feel what you want – cannot happen if you’re doing it from an old belief system where you feel limited, not good enough or anything that has not created the life you want.

Getting what you want but not feeling better for it – is just one of the signs that you might have unlearning to do.

This week, I’m sharing 5 signs you have some unlearning to do to be unstoppable – and actually get what you want! Do any come up for you?

3 Signs You’re Not Living Diliberately

Are you living deliberately or distracted?

While people are alive, very few are truly living these days.

They’ve fallen into fear, being careful and turned their focus to the outside world and what they cannot control.

Living your big dream requires you to be deliberate, following a path YOU design yourself regardless of what is happening around you.

You have to choose to pursue what you want in your heart and soul or you will live your life on default.

Here are 3 signs you’re not deliberately living your dream.

Are excuses keeping you from living your dreams?

When you think about what you really want, your big dreams, what comes up for you?

“I don’t have time.”
“Maybe someday.”
“I can’t”
“It’s not the right time for me”

There are so many opportunities to say no to what you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to creep in and stomp out your dreams.

How much longer are you going to let those lies stop you from getting what you really want?

It’s time to call out whatever is stopping you and take charge of your life.

5 Signs You’re Caught In Reactive Mode

Proactive or Reactive. Which mode you are in makes all the difference for how your life feels and how far your dreams can go.

When you spend your time reacting, putting out fires, getting pulled into drama you are definitely not investing your time in your dreams.

Here are 5 signs you’re caught in reactive mode.

The IMPORTANT step most busy women miss when it comes to prioritizing

There you are, piling through a bajillion things on your to-do list. Taking care of everyone and everything.

But are you including this one very important step when you set out to conquer your day?

I’m sharing the one step most busy women miss when it comes to prioritizing. You don’t want to miss this!

Is it time to redefine yourself?

What if you have been taught or told something about yourself that is actually holding you back? And – you believe it?

Like…”I could never do what I want because I’m an introvert” or “I’m to shy”, “I’m too sensitive”…”I don’t like big crowds”.

When it comes to dreaming big and making those dreams happen, your beliefs about yourself have to allow you to fulfill those dreams.

If your beliefs about yourself limit you, you’ll hit up against a lot of internal walls and never get what you truly want.

In this video I’m sharing why – You Are What You Think You Are + Myth Busting Predefined Labels & Inherited Limiting Beliefs To Liberate Your Dreams!!!

Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Get really clear about what you DO want. The big, the lofty, the dreamy. All of it.
  • Identify who you would need to be to make that happen. Especially if you think you need to be someone you’re not (or don’t believe you are)
  • Be honest with yourself about what you believe, that is holding you back. “I can’t because….”. Go deeper than I can’t because money, time, myself. What belief have you been taught or did you inherit that is making you think you can’t be, do or have whatever you want.
  • Focus on who you need to be or become to make your big dream happen. Make it fun. Try a new you. You can literally be anyone you want to be.
  • Also focus on feeling good. What would make you feel good, happy, positive, lifted. It’s much easier to step out when you feel good vs. if you feel fearful, limited or low.

Want my help with this?

I’d love to work with you on this! We can identify those limiting lies that have been holding you back for too long! Let’s do this! apply here. 

Perform Your Own Miracles

We’ve had a turbulent wave of energy the last several weeks, but all the more reason to perform your own miracles and make your life that much more magical. And trust that you’re on the right path, moving in the direction of your dreams – even when old stuff comes up. (here’s a video I shared on integrating to higher frequencies if you missed it)

How do you really do that? Can you really do that when life is feeling hard, pressing down on you or pulling you in directions you don’t want to go? YES!

It starts with dropping your ego. If you’re feeling what you don’t want to feel – ongoing, day after day, you can look to your ego to be the creator of chaos for you.

Source never compares, operates from lack, or minimizes you in any way. Ego – 100%.

Scientists have proven that your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thought and what you focus on – and that you bring into your life what you most focus on. 

If ego is running your inner world, if it’s taken the reign of your brain, you will see lack, feel stress, experience suffering.​ That will never unlock your dreams.

Feeling like you are unloved, taken for granted, misunderstood? You will bring into your awareness proof in the form of people and experiences that you are unloved, taken for granted, misunderstood. 

Feeling like you just can’t do enough, achieve or accomplish enough to feel worthy? Successful? Complete? Oh yeah, you’ll find that proof in all you do, your ego pointing out the gap from where you are to where you “should be”.

You’ll look out in the world at everyone who’s doing more, earning more, accomplishing more than you are and maybe even think “why not me” or feel angry about where you are compared to where “they” are.

Leaving you empty and far from source.

The more you concentrate (consciously or subconsciously) on the lack, the more you’re going to get it back. Your thoughts are energy you send out like a boomerang. What you submit to the universe, the universe transmits and sends it right back to you.

Now, that’s not to say there’s not truth to what you’re feeling. People do things that are hurtful, disappointing and things don’t always go according to our plan – but how would your life shift, change and transform if you looked for something other than more of what you don’t want? Don’t have?

Shift your perspective.

What if the universe has a bigger, better plan? (it always does) What if you’re meant to learn a lesson before your next level? (you always are) What if everything is always working out for you? (it always is)

Wouldn’t that perspective help you to….

Here’s where I see so many people get caught up and stressed out. They focus on the feeling they’re feeling and if it doesn’t feel good, they make a big deal about it.

But feeling what you feel is not a bad thing. Not even fear, anger, sadness – nope, not a bad thing at all. It only “feels” bad. 

Emotions only mean the meaning we attach them to. They are not automatically bad or wrong, not predefined.

We as a society have defined emotions as good or bad. Situations as good or bad. Outcomes as good or bad. And if something or someone hurts you, you should feel mad, sad or bad right?

Not if you want to feel happy, experience more of your wildest dreams and have more adventure in your life. Yes feel what you feel, but then move along to happier ground. That may require you to implement changes, end ties with someone or whatever it takes to upgrade your experience – but happier is an option.

About emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion. They don’t actually mean any – thing. And all those situations, circumstances and outcomes – mean whatever you want them to mean.

Ask someone what makes them feel happy and they may say family, animals, reading – ask someone else and they may say being in nature, money, exercise. 

Ask someone what makes them angry and they may say being taken for granted, told what to do or who to be – ask someone else and they may say world hunger, animal abuse, domestic violence.

And all are correct. Emotions are personal. They mean nothing but the meaning we give them. They mean whatever story we attach to them. 

Now, fear, anger, sadness just to use as examples are okay as a feeling, but do become dangerous as a mindset. If you see your life through anger – you’ll experience a world of pain. See your life through sadness and you’ll experience great suffering. 

If someone hurt you, it doesn’t have to be personal or an attack on you. Maybe they have ego issues of their own and acted from that place to protect their own feelings not act out against you. Doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat and take it, just means you don’t have to feel butthurt about it for the next 3 years and suffer along the way.

See your life through happiness and whoa, everything becomes magical – you could literally perform your own miracles from nothing.

Let’s take the same person, same experience but this time you see their pain and don’t take it personal. You decide they are not a match, shake off their negative energy and move in a different direction where you easily align with a better match person. Sound too simple?

Ego likes to make a mess of things.

Why do we have this need to make things more complicated, messy, conflicting? EGO!

When you come from a place of source, you see all things on a different plain. You don’t see personal attacks, people being disrespectful, or hurtful. You see people in pain. People who are not coming from source but living through their ego.

If you are feeling resistance, what’s coming up for you? Does it seem too simple to focus on something that makes you feel better when something in your life is not perfect or the way you want it to be? (ego) When someone is not treating you the way you want or doing what you want? (ego)

Seeing from source means being free from all of that. Source clears things up, opens space, increases flow and – you feel happy.

Sound like fluff?

Before you jump on the happiness is fluff – what if happiness was sustainable? As a foundation, a lifestyle? I’ve always chuckled at people who throw tomatoes at people who express happy in all they do. Calling them fake, soft, weak.

Happiness has been the ✨🗝✨​to help me unlock my wildest dreams, create the deepest friendships and experience health and healing. When I’m in a happy state, magic happens. Every time. That’s what I’m looking for and I find it.

But how do you feel happy when you feel sad? How do you feel happy when you feel angry? You focus on something that makes you happy and stop focusing on whatever makes you feel sad or angry. 

“You know why it’s hard to be happy? It’s because we refuse to let go of the things that make us feel sad.” – Bruce Lipton

I get it. As a mom, I’ve had disagreements with my sons over the years. And I’ve felt hurt, so much that I wanted to cry every minute of the day. But in truth, that’s not what I wanted at all. I wanted to feel happy. I realized that if I stayed in the upset, wanting to cry state I was not going to heal our relationship or do anything that filled me up for that matter.

And some days my ego made that really hard on me. Telling me I should be mad, feel sad, be upset – because reason, one million and one. But no, ego does not get to rule my world. I would sit with my feelings and decide what I wanted to do with them. I reflected on what was most important and meaningful for me. And being right was not my answer. I wanted to be happy.

So I focused on what would make me feel happy in the moment. I didn’t focus on the state of the relationship, I set my intention on the healing of the relationship. I focused on me, my happiness not my anger or hurt feelings.

And even though it took time, the relationship healed and we came back together again and closer for it. Yes, my ego tried to make it more complicated, but I took those reigns and focused on what I want and how I want to feel.

I share that because I go through things too. They’re hard, challenging, gut-wrenching, make me cry things. But I still get up and choose happiness. It’s been my way out every time. (even if my ego argued with me all along the way)

Notice where your feelings are taking you.

If you feel something that does not feel good, simply notice it. But notice that you notice. It’s not easy or fun to feel what you don’t want to feel, but it is okay. You don’t have to hold onto that feeling or build your mindset on it.

Sit with the feeling you don’t want or don’t like and observe it.

Don’t sit with it and create a story to attach to the feeling.

If there’s already a story attached, something from your past comes up – ask yourself, is this story serving me or is it time to create a new one for this experience?

An example, someone you hired online didn’t fulfill the service they promised you. They dropped the ball, never completed the service they were hired for. And it left you feeling “people online are fake” and now it’s “hard to trust anyone online”. That’s not really accurate, but it feels real because of your experience.

Ego loves to generalize. (a✨🗝✨​to unlock your dream – notice when ego is generalizing) In truth, that person did not do as they promised. That does not make all people online scammy. It can however make you more aware and selective about who you choose to work with.

It’s also okay to feel what you feel for awhile. If you miss someone and feel sad, let yourself feel. Then focus on what feels good. Go do something that makes you feel happy. Again, don’t make it a mindset or theme in your life – honor your feelings then move yourself to a better feeling place.

If this is a struggle you’re not able to overcome, there may be deeper beliefs and fears at play. Not permanent, but fixed in the moment. Your ego has you fixated on those emotions in a way that makes it feel difficult to release, shift or feel better. But know that you can. With practice, and maybe even with support.

✨💖✨ Since I was a little girl I have set out to make others feel better.

I want to do all I can to move you from pain, sadness and suffering to healing, happiness and freedom. If you want my help with this, book a Magical Match Session .

We can discuss what you’re feeling, why vs. what you’d like to be feeling and what’s stopping you from getting there. And of course, if we’re a magical match to work together, discuss next steps to move you to happier ground and unlock those beautiful dreams of yours. ✨🗝✨

Because this tidal wave of energy we’ve been experiencing is very on purpose. Directed at those of us who are here for a higher calling. here to bring healing and awareness to others. To help us purge what is lurking in our energy that is no longer serving us.

This can take you out of sync, out of your usual flow, out of your rhythm – all to help you notice what needs releasing for your transformation. It helps you recognize old patterns that dupe you right back into your old ways. All so you can say oh hello! I see this needs to change, this is not who I am anymore.

It’s in this dark feeling time that you can truly discover your light, your power and be better for it – to perform your own miracles and make your life more magical – more than ever before!

Because happiness is the key to unlock all your wildest dreams! ✨🗝✨ The faster we can get you into that true, happy state the faster your life will become magical!

Feel How You Want to Feel

Have you ever struggled with feelings? Feeling something you don’t want to? Then feeling stuck with the feeling? Who hasn’t!
If you prefer to listen:

Statistics for anxiety disorders and depression continue to climb, leading you to believe you should have control of your emotions and if you don’t there’s something wrong with you.
  • 1 in 6 Americans take antidepressants
  • there are over 30 different kinds of antidepressants
  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 40 million Americans over the age of 18 are affected by anxiety — roughly 18 percent of the nation’s population
  • The constant state of stress can lead to clinical depression.
  • Anxiety disorder may cause loss of appetite and lack of interest in sex. Other symptoms include muscle tension, headaches, and insomnia.
  • Anxiety Is Bad for Your Heart! Anxiety can be just as important as other factors, such as high cholesterol, in determining whether you get heart disease or not. Previous studies have shown that mental stress and depression have harmful effects on the heart and blood vessels

Where does this put America’s state of mind? Anxiety disorders and depression increase by 20% every year.

Add to that the conditioned need for instant results, instant resolve to feeling bad and it leads to confusion, dead and dying energy – no passion, no desire, no dreams, no goals.
  • Maybe you want more growth in your business and you’re not seeing it – and it’s stressing you out, making your decisions more confusing, feeling more desperate.
  • Maybe your family never listens to you – and it makes you feel invisible and you’re not sure what to do to change it, you feel lost and isolated.
  • Maybe you have a mission you feel passionate about, but you have no energy or confidence to get it out in the world – and it’s weighing on your heart, bringing you down.
Whatever the root cause is of your feelings – you’re not stuck with them, not stuck where you are.
And medicating the symptoms is NOT the answer but many women think they have to in order to feel well again – or just to make the feelings go away.
That’s exactly what I’m here to help you with, how to own your feelings so you’re never stuck with one you don’t want or like again – without medication or isolation.

You are taught that feeling bad is a bad thing. But being emotionally healthy does not mean you must be happy all the time.

There’s a lot of information out there about emotions, feelings. Giving the impression that if you cannot control your emotions, there’s something wrong with you.


You can feel what you feel and still be emotionally healthy. It’s time to let your feelings be your guide to a happier, healthier life. I help my clients understand how to use their emotions holistically – all of them. 

Of course I’m going to say there’s a better way. And it’s going to sound too simple. Because – statistics, news, media, hype, misinformation – but taking charge of how you feel really is simple.

You can start each day by choosing your feeling set point. Yes, you can actually choose how you want to feel, how you feel IS entirely up to you.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that emotions are supposed to be controlled, and if you can’t control your emotions – there’s a problem. YOU are the problem. But that’s entirely wrong. I will say it again because it’s that important.

Emotions are not meant to be controlled, they are meant to be felt.

That’s why every emotion you have, has a physical component.

Emotions are signals – not something to avoid, deny or ignore. Simply medicating someone so they don’t feel or notice their emotional signals solves NOTHING. So if someone takes meds but goes into the same life with the same beliefs, in the same conditions – problems get worse.

Where’s the power in that approach? It allows someone to believe they have no power, no control, no hope. That does not sit well with me.

Your feeling setpoint will change day-to-day – and it should. Life changes, you can change and adapt – like a ninja to stay ahead of the curve whether that be calm, organized, centered.

This is about choosing a state of BEING or feeling to move through your day on full awareness mode vs. fingers crossed, hope it goes well mode.

If you feel yourself tensing up, getting distracted, wearing down – simply revisit your feeling set point and decide what you need to do in the moment to move toward it. It’s like hitting your feeling reset button whenever you need it – just like rebooting your computer when it gets too bogged down.

That means telling yourself what you need to hear. Do not underestimate the power of this.

You ARE in charge of your energy and you can take charge of your chatter – which will get you to the feeling set point you want and need to handle your life.

The worst thing you can do is focus on how you don’t want to feel, journal about it, talk about it, tell others about it – it all adds up to magnifying how you don’t want to feel.

Make no mistake – This does not mean stuff feelings, ignore them or pretend your fine. Actually acknowledge and bring presence to how you are feeling – but if it’s not how you want to feel, do with the intention that you are not staying in that bad feeling space.

Awareness of how you are feeling, tuning in throughout your day to check your feeling set point is what helps you navigate as the day unfolds vs. unraveling with the day’s unexpected events. As long as you are aware, you can notice what you notice and adjust to a better feeling thought and emotional place.

Introduce then reinforce the belief that you can choose how you feel – you can steer your emotions in the direction you want them to go.

Here are tips to take charge and feel the way you want to feel!

1 – start each day by choosing your feeling set point, then setting the intention to let it be your home base

2 – activate that emotion with a visualization, meditation practice – walk through your entire day in your mind, how you want it to go, how you will feel, handle things – be vivid

3 – journal your goals as if they’ve already happened, only write about what you do want

4 – notice wha you notice as you move through your day

5 – hit your feeling reset as often as needed – adjust to get back to your feeling set point for the day

6 – practice, practice, practice – repetition is king

Learn to Love Your Emotions with this 2 hour Workshop – $11 https://coursecraft.net/c/loveyouremotionsworkshop