What do you need to unlearn to become unstoppable?

Trying to accomplish new things, step out into your new dreams – feel what you want – cannot happen if you’re doing it from an old belief system where you feel limited, not good enough or anything that has not created the life you want.

Getting what you want but not feeling better for it – is just one of the signs that you might have unlearning to do.

This week, I’m sharing 5 signs you have some unlearning to do to be unstoppable – and actually get what you want! Do any come up for you?

Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember the choose your own adventure books? I lovvvved them! I can remember sitting on the floor in a big circle with my classmates as my favorite teacher Mr. Himmelspach read to us.

The book started with…

This book is different from other books. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences. YOU must use all of your numerous talents and much of your enormous intelligence. The wrong decision could end in disaster – even death. But don’t despair. At any time, YOU can go back and make another choice, alter the path of your story, and change its result.

Then at the end of every chapter you were given 2 options that led to more chapters, options and endings. We’d shout out which direction to go and the teacher would read on as we anticipated what would happen next. It was my favorite activity in school.

Just like life. It’s my favorite part of life, anticipating what exciting thing will happen next for myself, my friends and family and my clients. I just know there are magical adventures waiting for us.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was given the rules of life as if in some magical code through those books. How to keep the power in my hands, alter the path of my story and change its result. I had options and if I didn’t like where my story led me, I could choose differently. Why this didn’t dawn on me until many years later I don’t know.

That’s not to say I didn’t make changes but the changes felt so hard. I had gathered so many attachments, limiting beliefs and labels along my journey that really confused my choices.

So for much of my story in earlier chapters of my life, I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find my way back from getting lost in the darkness of toxic relationships, the tangled emotional forest and the web of lies in my head telling me I should know better.

I mean it makes total sense when I look back and then look to now. What I’ve learned along the way. How I took the reigns back to guide my story in the direction I want to go. And what I help my clients with. I’m leading them through their own story book with the options at the end of every chapter.

I help them discover + shout out which direction they want to go. And if they discover they don’t like where they arrive, I help them choose differently to alter the path of their story and change its result.

You must muster all of your bravery, intuition and creativity to weave your magical path to happiness.

So here we are my friend. It’s the last day of 2019. Another year behind us. And another one ahead. We’ve come to the end of this chapter. What will you choose next?

Remember to use “all of your numerous talents and much of your enormous intelligence” or what I’ll rename, your intuitive insight.


Here’s the magical thing about YOUR story, it’s not prewritten with only 27 endings like the books. YOUR story can go any direction you want it to. You can choose any new beginning, middle and end to your story. Isn’t that just so exciting?

After working with so many clients over the years, I’ve come to realize there are only a few precious things people actually desire, we’ll call them magical gems.

Mysterious, precious, hard to find, valuable yet unattainable unless by some lucky chance, you discover one.

Which isn’t true of course, but that’s the way these “gems” feel. Client after client, same true desires, different destination, different choices to get there but they all want those magical gems.

Clients tell me their destination, what they want to work toward. Things like publish a book, climb a mountain to see a waterfall, travel to wild parts of the world, step out and help others, share their message, be their own boss, find people who really “get them”.

But it’s the “why” under the surface that they really want (the magical gems). And when they bring presence to this powerful realization, it’s what propels them to make hard choices, take bold action and refuse to settle or give up. It’s never the destination, the outcome. They just think it’s the outcome that will give them their true desire.

They want to feel how that thing, that accomplishment would make them feel. They want the feeling not necessarily to arrive at the destination. The outcomes are interchangeable. But the magic is in the feeling. It becomes the weaving theme for their perfect story, for their adventure, the hunt for the magical gems.

Here are the three magical gems I’ve identified: (and yes, most people want all three)

#1 Healing.

Whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual, everyone wants healing at some level. To make their pain go away. To resolve the conflict in their life, relationships, in their own mind. To bring peace to their conflicted soul.

Pain is a distraction, it’s exhausting and it can be relentless. It can feel personal, destructive and confusing. And every soul I’ve ever met craves healing in some area of their life.

Healing is available in an instant with the shift of a thought in the direction you want to heal.

But if you focus on the outcome, the accomplishment but don’t grant yourself the healing first, nothing you ever achieve will feel the way you want it to feel. You’ll continue to inflict pain on the wound and never heal.

Example if someone tries to grow their spiritual business but they have not healed their relationship wounds, if they have felt hurt by someone in their past and it left gaping holes in their heart chakra or their solar plexus, it’s more challenging to step out and be true to who they are.

They may step out but with fear or self-doubt as their dominant emotion. They may implement systems and plans but feel unwanted or unloved which poisons the energy of the system. All of this plays a huge role in their outcome or success. Whether they hesitate or take action, it’s all with wounded energy.

We live in a feeling universe so we attract what we feel. They may attract more conflict of the same kind, the one that has deep roots in their energy, because we can only attract what we are. Pain, anger and resentment bring in more of the same conflict in different ways.

If they do achieve success, they will most likely not see it as that and sabotage their efforts, minimizing what they’ve done, criticizing it in some way because old beliefs tell them they are not good enough, could have done more. They never truly arrive at their desired destination of “healed”.

What comes up for you about needed + wanted HEALING for 2020?

#2 Freedom.

Again whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual, everyone wants freedom at some level. It sounds amazing, to “finally be free”.

The very thought that freedom is not already present is what keeps one feeling like a prisoner.

So it’s this relentless loop that keeps people from ever feeling truly free. Add the ego to the conversation telling you that “you can’t be free until ___________ fill in the blank happens” or you telling yourself “I’ll feel free when ___________ fill in the blank happens”. All a lie keeping you trapped.

If I were only paid for every time I heard the word freedom come up with my clients, I’d be sitting on a mountain of money. It’s a very popular topic! And of course, who doesn’t want to be free from pain, suffering, limitation?

I hear it in terms of free from “my soul-sucking job”, “my narcissistic in-laws or spouse”, “my negative inner chatter”. They just want to “be free” from whatever or whoever is keeping them stuck. But um, they need to look in the mirror. That’s the warden who’s put them in a cage of their choices and thrown away the key.

Just as in healing, the key to freedom is the shift of a perspective. And yet, day after day is spent feeling fenced in with your soul peering through those imaginary bars that keep you locked up in your own circumstances.

Yes there’s some truth to the desire for freedom if you’re in a job, business or relationship you no longer want, don’t feel loved in or aligned with. But the freedom to change it is all YOURS. And it can happen in an instant.

So why don’t more people just get up and change what they don’t like? The same reasons I listed earlier that I experienced. You gather so many attachments, limiting beliefs and toxic labels along your journey that confuse your choices. You believe you don’t have options, you can’t do what you really want the way you want.

But remember, just like the book…You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in your story. You can feel free, right here, right now.

What comes up for you about needed + wanted FREEDOM for 2020?

#3 Happiness.

I cannot think of anything I enjoy more than feeling truly happy. It is the lightest, brightest feeling ever when you’re in your happy place. You feel like you can be anything, do anything, you feel possible and invincible. It is the best. The best!!

The problem I have found is “happy” has been labeled as fluffy. So if you talk about being happy, doing what makes you happy, teaching how to be happy, many people have been so poisoned by being unhappy that they knock you down for being fake, fluffy or too rainbow and cupcakes. Please.

Wanting to be truly happy is at the core of everyone.

You, me and even that negative nay-sayer who makes fun of you for trying to make people smile. Do you know someone like that? I’ve met plenty of the “happy balloon poppers” in my day.

But yes, even they want to feel happy. They just don’t believe they can get there. They’ve given up hope. They tell themselves “no one can really be THAT happy” and that you’re just a fraud, a fake putting on a happy face or just some full-of-fluff, positivity-freak who lives with their head in the clouds. (all things I’ve been told or accused of and thank you lol)

I will admit it’s true. Since I was a little girl, I loved to see people happy. To this day I cannot stand seeing people unhappy. I love to be happy and will do whatever it takes to get there as often as I can. So yes, I am a positivity-freak and I do love fluff.

But make no mistake, this girl means business when it comes to her happiness. I see it as a lifestyle not a fake-ass bubble I live in. I change what I don’t like even when it’s really hard and I walk my happy talk. I do not settle. I am not faking my happy. If someone tries to mess with my happy, they will see I’m not made of fluff.

Which is why I’m literally in the happiness business. I get the biggest rush seeing someone go from sad, feeling broken, alone, misunderstood – unhappy, to uplifted, liberated, fulfilled, understood, aligned – happy!

I am relentless about helping my clients get there. I don’t give up. Of course they have to do the work and be committed, but I will be right there to guide, empower and rally as needed until their arrive at their happy place.

One shift and they arrive. It’s only perspective, beliefs, labels and limitations that stop you from accessing that pure source energy vortex, from allowing yourself to embrace your happy place.

Now you may be thinking, well I could be happy if my – see where I’m going here – ___________fill in the blank would just change, be nicer, more helpful. We all default to wanting to blame someone or something for our own unhappiness at times.

But let me deflate that bubble before it gets too big, sound the alarm “Rrrrrrrr”, nope, it’s all you friend. Your happiness is all up to you. And thank goodness am I right? You would never want to depend on someone else to make you happy. If they go away or tap out, you are S.O.L friend.

I know it’s not always easy to believe that you can choose happy any time you want, but you choose your adventure which means you choose what you focus on, who you spend time with, where you go from here. The choice is ALWAYS yours.

What comes up for you about needed + wanted HAPPINESS for 2020?

It wouldn’t be much of an adventure if you were not challenged along the way.

But not every day, every year of your life should feel like a challenge. The more YOU that you put in YOUR story, the more YOU apply all YOUR bravery, intuition and creativity, the less you end up in circumstances that are not a match for you – and the faster you move out of them!

I would love to hear what you’re feeling after reading this. What is coming up for you about your needed + wanted HEALING, FREEDOM & HAPINESS for 2020 and beyond?

Drop a comment below or send me an email at nicole@intuitivebadasslife.com

& Happy New Year!

What’s your dream life?

This is what a DREAM life would look like to me…

fashion-1284304_1280A positivity party where sensitive peeps who want to rock life on their own terms, have more fun just by being themselves!

Let’s face it, life gets craaazy sometimes and not always in a good way.

Emotions can run high, then low, up, down, up, down. You can feel all over the map about everything and nothing at all leaving you confused and feeling off.

It’s easy to get squashed in the shuffle, give-up on what you want and feel fuzzy about who you were meant to be. Total buzz kill.

I hear things like this from people every day…and I’ve been there, so I totally get it.

“I feel stuck.”
“I have a big dream but I have no idea how to make it happen.”
“I’m trying to get my life back on track.”
“I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”
“I just want to feel like myself again.”

It’s no joke. Because they mean it and they don’t know where to turn for help.

Call me silly, but I totally just love helping people live the happiest, most carefree, funnest life they can – by being true to themselves.

Let’s forget about humongo dreams for a second and focus on getting through the day with a real smile on your face, one like you really mean it.

Because maybe your dream isn’t to build a fortune 500 company, or be the next 10 time best-selling author or direct sales tycoon. (yet!)

Maybe you just want to get back to a positive feeling place to play and be silly.
Maybe you just want to feel free to be who you really are and find people that totally “get you”.
Maybe you just want to explore your creative side and actually have the time to do it. 
Maybe you just want to figure out how you were meant help more people like you.
Or maybe just you crave doing whatever the heck you feel like every day without everyone asking you ‘what’s wrong’.

That’s what I’m about: the real, the positive, the lighter side of what it takes to build the dream of you – living your happiest life. (isn’t that the ‘ultimate’ dream after all?)

I happen to specialize in personal intuition and positivity (kind of a cool combo!) If there were ever two tools you needed to navigate through life’s twists and turns, it’s intuition and positivity. I can help you…

Having “too much on your plate”, living “stressed out”, feeling “out of sorts” can make it almost impossible for you to see a decision in front of you with clarity. (And, hello, that’s no fun!)

Those are times when “extra” insight from a gifted intuitive can shine light to help you along your way. That’s what I live for!

If you…Feel fuzzy about the right next steps or crave a fresh perspective about a relationship or situation, I’m here for you.

Ready to kick-off this party, A.K.A your-best-life?

Now is the time to live lighter. Apply for your free Discovery Session and let’s get your-best-life started.

I can’t wait to celebrate your Big Dream Awakening with you!

Nicole xo

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