The Truth About What’s Really Draining Your Energy

Have you been giving away too much energy in exchange for little to nothing?

Saying yes any which way the wind blows even when you want to say no?

Do you secretly wish you hit the pause button for all things life right about now?

If you’re over there shaking your head, I get it. You have a big heart, you love to help others. But what happens when you feel empty, when you’ve given all you can give and there’s nothing left for YOU?

I’ll go ahead and say it, you feel like crap. Your temperament is set to growly and all you can think is “go away” anytime anyone starts to approach you. Am I close?

When your nature is to help others, you naturally take on things that on the surface appear as “the right thing to do” or they may even make you feel helpful, productive, and like you’re making a difference. 

But is it the difference you want to be making?

Are you investing your time and energy into all the things that absolutely light you up inside? Or just tending to all the things you said yes to that feel like more work? All the things your ego or someone else’s guilt-trip forced upon you?

There are reasons that sensitive women end up overloaded, overwhelmed and over-extended energetically -and let me tell you it’s NOT because they cannot handle or juggle all the spinning plates.

I have to laugh at this because the women I work with, tell me they don’t want to get “spread too thin” or they’re afraid they’ll “take on too much” when they are handling more than any normal person can handle in a week!

I know they can handle a lot, but is what they are tending to what’s right for them? Typically not. They’re committed to many of the wrong things, things they assumed responsibility for that they did not need to.

I had a client who felt overwhelmed and frustrated about some of the things on her “to-do” plate. After talking through how those things landed there, she realized she had been volunteering herself to take them on for other people! She was in total surprise at that realization.

As we worked through why, she discovered old patterns of guilt and assuming responsibility to try and please others. Her conditioned mind activated pressure subconsciously to take on more and more – even if it didn’t feel right for her. She just defaulted to her ego and said yes.

Have you ever done that?

We worked on a strategy where she no longer volunteered herself unless it was something she felt in alignment with – without the guilt weighing in making her blurt our the words “I’ll just take care of it”!

She now makes her decisions from an intuitive yes or intuitive no.

There are so many different reasons (all personal) as to why sensitive women, why you might give and give only to end up feeling empty.

When there’s no return of energy that lights you up, just a one-sided way of moving through life, all pushing and forcing it’s very wearing on your energy.

You might fall into a negative pattern of people pleasing to keep the peace, taking on loads of projects in an effort to prove yourr worthtalk yourself into things only to realize you have a life full of everything you don’t like, feeling obligated from guilt trips of family members – the list goes on.

I’m sure you’d agree when you feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed you’re not as inspired, not ready to take on those big dreams or leap out of your comfort zone am I right?

You may even feel lost and confused, stuck, depressed or question if you have what it takes to change things. I promise you do! You may need a bit of support to call out the old pattern and how to change it, but you have the power to change what you don’t like that is not serving you if you decide to.

So what’s the solution?

You get really selective about what you say yes to. How do you do that? You empower yourself to get really clear about who you are and what you like and do want by connecting with your intuition.

And as important, you get really clear about what is not working for you, what you don’t want. What makes you feel your intuitive “no”. With that, you create a strategy to eliminate those things.

This frees up your time, energy and space to put toward whatever you really do want! That way, whatever you give your time, energy and focus to gives you a return of energy that fills you back up!

Your action step: Make a list of the things on your plate that are NOT working for you.

What are you giving your time, energy and effort to that is not filling you back up?
Where are you giving too much with no return for you? (or who are you giving to?)

Hit me up, let me know what comes up for you in the comments below.

And if you’ve been feeling spread too thin, be sure to watch this.

Don’t Do What You Think You Should Do!

You heard me!

I said, don’t do what you think you should do. But wait, there’s more.

In today’s vLog we get down to the nitty-gritty on decision making and how to know what’s right for you.

There are so many options out there, how do you know what’s just right for you?

  • 1 in 5 Americans take some type of supplement, but they are getting duped and spend billions on vitamins that don’t even work-thinking cheap and easy is best (like at the grocery store) vs. investing in quality products
  • There are 30,500 fitness centers in the US and increasing every year – and with that, what exercise is best for you? Yoga, pilates, weight training, running, Crossfit?? So many options!
  • Medical information can be found on the net – WebMD, Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola – where do you go for your research, who do you trust?
  • There are approximately 2,880,000 results for relationship coaches on the web – wow, how do you narrow down your search?
  • And where do we begin with financial advisors and wealth management options? No one has money to throw around to take the risk!
  • The global wellness market is now three times larger, a trillion dollar industry! Holy moly, that seems like a daunting list of inventory to choose from! Do you go with crystals, essential oils, bio-mat, diffusers, salt rock lamps….the list is endless! And everyone has a pitch why their product is best!
  • Not feeling your best? Should you go to a chiropractor, acupuncturist, energy healer, massage therapist? Or maybe you need Reiki, electromagnetic therapy or a nutritionist. Where do you begin?

I could go on, hopefully I haven’t overwhelmed you.

There’s no doubt this is the coolest time to be alive in history. There are more products and services out there than ever before.

But how do you choose what product or service is best, what coach or advisor can help you achieve your goals…without getting overwhelmed by all the options???

Here’s what I can tell you…

Don’t do what you think you should do, do what feels right for you.

If it feels light, it’s most likely right for you.

There are definitely a lot of great products and services on the market, which means you have a lot of decisions to make and information to pour through.

The key is finding what feels just right for you, what you’re drawn to, what gets you excited.

Of course there’s an element of caution as there are products on the market that are not good for you, people who are providing services that are not as effective. You’ll still want to do your research and then decide.

Before choosing any product for myself for example, I do the research, ask around, read reviews, but I also go with my gut.

And let me tell you I have tried a ton of products! I’m always open to new services, connecting with other holistic experts. I’m a guinea pig of sorts!

People also share things with me and I do get asked for advice on wellness tips all the time, so I really have to stay up to speed on what’s safe and effective.

The great thing is, I have developed a large wellness tool box for myself and my family, but also for my clients.

What if you pick the wrong thing or it’s not what you hoped it would be?

Big deal. At least you tried it and now you know it’s not for you. The best way to learn whether it’s right or not is to try it.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back for fear it won’t work or we’ll make the wrong choice. But that’s only going to guarantee you find no improvement at all.

Move forward and give it a shot. If you’re following your gut and all the research points to yes, chances are you’re on the right track.

I’ve started with coaches in the past I thought were a great fit and soon realized it wasn’t. Disappointing? Yes but I have learned to move along, find a new one and it’s not the end of the world!

The only way to find the things that increase your energy and make you feel more alive is to…try them.

Your wellness plan is very personal and what works for you and lights you up will be unique and different from anyone else’s plan. And if you feel like you don’t have a plan, now is the best time to get started.

If putting your plan together feels confusing, I invite you to schedule a coffee and coaching session on me. I’ll help you fine tune your intuition and determine the best resources + support for you. We can see where we go from there.

Feel like crap? Sick of it?

I get it. I’ve been there.

How do you feel when I say ‘gut health’? Do you long for it? Wonder what it’s like? Is it something you have lived without for so long you have just accepted that your gut ‘is what it is’?

You are not alone if you answered yes to any of those questions. Too many people have settled on the thought that feeling like crap is the new norm.

Do you joke about your symptoms of brain fog, bloating, cramping, indigestion, constipation, fatigue, headaches….?? Have you just taken ownership of your symptoms with a sense of ‘there’s nothing I can do about it’?

I’m here to challenge that belief. I mean seriously, to hell with that. What if I told you that you don’t have to live like that? Would you want to know more?

I’m sharing something with you because I had my own share of symptoms – for most of my life (and I just turned 46) and now I don’t, first time ever. I found a solution. And I can’t keep it to myself. I must share this information with you.

So when I say gut health I mean what health? I had leaky gut syndrome, bloating, and other issues you don’t want to hear the details on – but it has to do with pooping. Yes, I put it out there…I said pooping. Big deal, everyone does it.

No, wait…what I should say is everyone is supposed to do it, but the sad truth is not everyone does. The more I talk to people the more I realize very few people actually have a healthy gut.

But it’s more than that.

It’s about living in a toxic world and it’s taking a toll on our overall health and wellbeing. The culprits…sugar and flour causing diseases like heart disease, many cancers, dementia, even depression and acne. Sugar and flour raise blood sugar and are the biggest causes of liver damage in America.

According to research nearly 70% of adults and 40% of kids are overweight. One in two Americans has pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. And 90 percent who have this condition have no clue.

Much of most Americans diets are hyper-processed, hyper-addictive and factory-made and it not only makes us fat, it makes us sick in hundreds of ways. And most of us need a detox.

Detox to dream bigIn addition, I have found people who ignore their intuition, due to self-doubt, overwhelm, excessive stress and distractions typically have poor gut health. All of which add up to snuffing out your dream potential.

Why? Because most people in today’s world are living in constant overwhelm, struggling to handle their life. Overcommitted calendars, ipads, cell phones, laptops, boob tube time, negativity and the relentless pressure they feel inside from all of it creates constant distraction within and the result is not healthy.

All of these constant ‘distractions’ create toxic conditions and dis-ease within the body.  Sure there are other toxins and contributors but chronic stress, negative thoughts and emotions play a major role – and your gut pays the price. (so do your dreams)

If I could make one impression upon you, it’s that your gut, your ‘second brain’ is truly one of the best tools you have. (check out my blog “Is your intuition blocked?” for more on that) In my work I have found the more someone ignores their ‘gut feeling’ or doubts their ‘inner knowing’, the more likely they are to develop physical issues with their gut.

So imagine my excitement when I found something that helps you detox from sugar and flour and more importantly heals your gut! I do this very detox myself because it works.

Detoxes are a hot topic these days. There are tons to pick from and many that I’m sure are great. However, not all detoxes are created equal!

When looking for the right fit for myself and ultimately for my practice, I chose the one designed by Dr. Mark Hyman, an NYC doctor who specializes in nutrition. In addition, this detox adds the benefits of supplements that help heal the gut and address candida, gives the support of a health-minded community and tools to develop a positive mindset.

During the detox you eliminate foods, drinks, and habits associated with spiking blood sugar, stopping cravings and giving your body the peace it needs to reboot and recover. You also eliminate distractions, negative thoughts and draining activities that are creating toxicity in your daily life.

Imagine the time, energy and space you will create in your life when you eliminate cravings, poor gut health and negative thinking?? Wow – what would you do with all that time, energy and space?

This is about going back to the basics, giving your life a make-over from the inside-out and with it by adjusting your mindset and your diet. As a result, your intuitive connection is renewed.

And yes, you are allowed to eat – real food.

Here are the aspects of the Blood Sugar Solution that impressed me better than most out there:

You are allowed to eat, in fact, you can eat a ton! Three meals a day, with snacks in between. We share great recipes you can cook with ease that heal your body, food you can feel proud to eat.

When my gut wasn’t healthy, eating more food was the last thing I wanted to do. Now that I’ve restored my gut, I love to cook and eat 3 meals each day. I have more energy and stamina than I had before. I’ve also trimmed my waist down 6 inches since starting.

During the 10 days you will eliminate all grains, sugar, natural sweets, starches, beans and legumes. The reason? Starches, sugars, and carb-heavy foods tend to cause spikes in blood sugar, which cause cravings and energy crashes later on. No fun there.

Plus, beans and legumes can be pretty rough on the digestive system, and the only way to know exactly what triggers stomach and digestion issues is to get rid of all the factors, and reintroduce them slowly later.

You may be thinking ‘impossible’, “I can’t eliminate all those foods”. But once you have a few days without feeling crappy and you’re not starving, seeing the rest of the program through will be simple simon!

So, are you in? The next detox starts May 31, 2016!

With the detox you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group for support and daily encouragement, recipes and you’ll have me to support you throughout your 10 day journey as well. I’ll be sending uplifting messages and fun, daily challenges right to your inbox to help you boost your energy and decrease your stress.

Let me add another goodie, there is no charge for the detox program. You are responsible for your own food costs and recommended supplements, but the outline of the program is for you to enjoy.

I mentioned supplements – real food is the first and best supplement you can consume for the vitamins and minerals you need. I encourage adding Plexus BioCleanse and ProBio5 as a minimum for additional healing and rebuilding.

If you would like to join our detox, fill in your information below. You’ll receive the outline of the program and daily support to get the most out of your detox experience.

If you have additional questions, email me for a free consultation.


We respect your email privacy


Tips To Tune-in

If you Google “intuition” you’ll find 45,200,000 results pop up! Wow! Talk about a hot topic. This will make it 45,200,001 and I’m sure it will continue to increase from there. Ha.

So what is intuition anyway? It’s the communication line to your higher self. It’s ‘you’ telling ‘you’ what you need to know and more importantly, it’s ‘you’ listening to what ‘you’ have to say.

It’s the listening part that makes it work – or not. The telling part is ongoing, but it’s the listening where we tend to fall a bit short.

We doubt, we get distracted, we talk ourselves out of what we need to see, hear and feel and the messages are lost. Sounding familiar?

It’s more common than you think in case you’re feeling like you are the only one, you’re not! Many, many of the clients I work with have a learning curve when it comes to THEIR OWN intuition.

They know what intuition in general is and they may even have a surface level feel for how to use their intuition, but every one of the women I work with want to learn how to deepen their understanding. They want to learn how to use it without having to “think” about it or question it.

That’s why every program I teach includes a section or main focus on intuition.

Life was hit or miss for me, mostly miss, until I learned how to tune-in to my own intuition.

Intuition is something I talk about A LOT in Big Dream Awakening. Why? Because every single dreamer made their big dream come true with the help of their intuition. It wasn’t luck, it wasn’t an accident.

Talk to any dreamer and they’ll describe details they cannot explain – feelings, instincts, urges, gut feelings and hot ideas that “popped in out of nowhere” that lead them to take inspired action, to create the change they wanted to see or to not take action at all.

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE writes in his book “Winning”, “Sometimes making a decision is hard not because it is unpopular, but because it comes from the gut and defies a ‘technical’ rationale. Much has been written about the mystery of gut, but it’s really just pattern recognition, isn’t it. You’ve seen something so many times you just know what’s going on this time. The facts may be incomplete or the data limited, but the situation feels very, very familiar to you.”

Oprah Winfrey has talked of using her own intuition for every major transition in her life. She takes in all the information she can gather, listens to suggestions, proposals and ideas and then tunes in to what her gut and heart are telling her to make the final call. She also advises when you don’t know what to do, do nothing and get quiet until you can hear the voice inside to guide you.

Steve Jobs took the mystical view of intuition stating “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.” The list of successful, I’ll call them “Dreamers” goes on and on, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates…they all attribute much of their success to trusting their intuition.

Learning to use your intuition, to “tune-in” and not only listen, but interpret what you are trying to tell you is something I encourage you to practice – DAILY. Does it mean you’ll be spot-on right every time? No, but it will help you develop your instincts and learn to trust them. You will be right more than you are wrong the more you use your intuition.

And, there’s never really “loss” if you are wrong, it all counts as experience, it all helps you to rack up lessons learned.

Here’s just a few quick tips to help you open the communication with your intuition.

Get quiet: Life can get pretty hectic at times. Take a few minutes to just “be with yourself and your own thoughts”. Close your eyes to shut out the outer world, it will help you go within faster. Take a few deep breaths and just “be”.

Notice what you feel: When it’s decision making time, use your body to help you read your intuition. Do you feel it in your gut, in your heart or is it just a “knowing” of what to do that you can’t quite explain with words?

Get clear: Sometimes there’s too much swimming around in your mind. Grab a pen and paper and just dump it all out, write until you have nothing left or at least set a timer and write for 5 minutes. No worries about grammar, just get it out!

Notice coincidences as the signs they are: Those are the moments to take notice of. Then ask yourself what it has to offer for you. There is a reason other than it’s cool that something feels like a freaky, weird coincidence. It’s there to get your attention.

Ask better questions: As a better question, get a better answer. Instead of “why is this happening to me?” as “What does this mean for me?” and then tune in and listen to what your intuition tells you. When you ask a crappy question that makes you feel like a victim, you’ll come up victim every time. So, lead with a strong mindset, direct your mind toward getting a powerful answer and your intuition will never let you down – a positive answer will pop in.

Up your self-care: One sure-fire way to miss what your intuition is trying to tell you is to let yourself get run down. Intuition loves energy! The more energized you feel, the clearer your intuitive signals will be and the faster you’ll interpret them. Go to bed a little earlier tonight or sleep in a little later and see how you feel. Exercise and feed your body and mind the right nutrition. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make decisions as a result.

Cut the sugars: Imagine my surprise when my very own intuition said to me as I was eating a cookie, “stop eating sugar, it makes it hard for you to hear me”.  Sugar clouds the brain by thinking about needing and wanting more sugar.  The sugar crash leads me to my previous point – intuition loves energy, it’s not as loud and clear when you feel groggy and sluggish.

Learn from an intuitive expert: Who better to teach you how to fine tune your own intuition than someone who has trained and studied intuition and uses it daily to help people find clarity?? As I mentioned, every program I teach involves using and developing your intuition. In every session I have with a client I help them identify where their intuition plays a role in guiding them. Helping you master your intuition is a top priority for me. If you’d like to discuss and learn more about your intuition, sign up for a free Explore Session. I can help you determine what areas could use a little intuitive polishing and identify where your intuition is solid so you can lean on it a bit more.

Feel free to post your thoughts on intuition. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being intuitive super star, where would you rate your intuitive signals and how regularly you notice and follow them?

“I don’t know”

DETOX TUESDAY – let’s free up some energy to create confidence and clarity!

If I could erase one phrase from your vocabulary it would be……..

“I don’t know”

I hear it all the time! Women say it in response to questions regarding what they want.

It doesn’t help anything. It keeps you in limbo. (unless someone else starts making the decisions for you)

“What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.”

“What do you want to eat?”
“I don’t know.”

“What do you want in life?”
“I don’t know.”

Stop saying “I don’t know”.

I hear that response in probably 90% of my consultations initially. And there are real reasons for it, none of which are helpful for getting what they really want. That’s of course why women come to me, to get clarity on what they want.

Gaining clarity on what you want is part of the process, but there’s more to it than that. You also need belief you can have it and belief you deserve it.

Here’s what I know, every time you say “I don’t know” as a response to any question that pertains to you, your wellbeing, your dreams, your desires or your needs – you are actually telling yourself that you really don’t know what is best for you.

“I don’t know” translates to “I don’t know what is best for me”. It translates to fear and self-doubt.

That’s a lie. If you say “I don’t know” that means you’re buying into the lie.

Here’s the truth. You absolutely do know what is best for you, more than anyone else in fact!

Here are just a few sneaky beliefs hiding behind the “I don’t know”, see if any resonate with you:

  • I’m afraid to tell you what I really want
  • I’m afraid I’ll sound pushy if I say what I want
  • I don’t believe I can have what I really want
  • I’m too distracted to listen to what I want
  • I’m overwhelmed and don’t want to decide on anything right now
  • I’m not feeling passionate about much of anything
  • I was never taught how to trust my own intuition
  • I’ve been saying “I don’t know” for so long it’s an automatic response
  • Even when I say what I want, no one listens so what is the point

They say it’s the little things that matter.

It’s so true. Little things like saying “I don’t know” over and over actually shut your intuitive side down. And that matters.

Little things of that nature add up to feeling stuck, or making you question your own judgement about what is best for you.

You know what is best for you.

So, starting today, stop saying “I don’t know”.

Here are some easy ways to erase that sneaky little saying:

  1. Ask yourself what you “feel” for. Get out of your head and drop into your heart. It’s usually easier to figure out what you feel like than to think of what you want. So, what do I feel like doing, what do I feel like eating, how do I want to feel in my life. The rest will unfold from there.
  2. Pick a theme. Today I will choose things that make me feel adventurous, courageous, comfy, healthy, etc. Then when you’re asked what you want, choose something that fits in that theme.
  3. Just choose something FAST. Challenge yourself to make a decision in a matter of seconds. The longer you wait, the more you go up in your head and swim around in confusion. The faster you decide on something the more intuitive it will be. This also refines your intuitive skills.
  4. Take a break from deciding – when it feels right. Your response may be “I’m open to suggestions”, “I’m open to all possibilities”, or “I want to do what you want to do”. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else decide on the smaller things so you can rest your decision making muscle and just go along with the flow. You are still deciding, but you’re leaving the outcome up to someone you trust. You may wind up trying something you wouldn’t have.
  5. Catch yourself and rephrase. If you hear the words coming out of your mouth, just stop, rephrase and move along.
  6. Trust that you know what is best for you. In fact, say it to yourself throughout the day –“I absolutely know what is best for me” then try these phrases instead “I would enjoy…”, “I would love to….”, “I choose…”.

Now, if you found a few of the sneaky beliefs hit home for you and you’d like to erase and replace with something more supportive – schedule a free consultation. I would absolutely love to help you!

It’s a fun way to look behind the curtain and see what’s really going on. It’s also a great way to gain clarity on what you want as I mentioned earlier, and – even better, clarity on action steps you can take immediately to move forward in the direction of your dream.

So, promise me now…no more “I don’t know” from you! You do know, so trust in that.