5 Things You Might Be Doing That Are Aging You Faster

If you could flash to the future and get a good look at yourself – I’m talking 5-10 years – what would you see? How well did you age? Are you happier? Older but healthier?

Is that even possible?

What path are you on for your future? Is it one of vibrant health? Living the happiest life you could create for yourself? Do you have the right resources in place to help you with that?

I’m sharing why I left one of the most fulfilling jobs I ever had + 5 shifts you must make NOW to help you age dynamically and supercharge your future self!

Perform Your Own Miracles

We’ve had a turbulent wave of energy the last several weeks, but all the more reason to perform your own miracles and make your life that much more magical. And trust that you’re on the right path, moving in the direction of your dreams – even when old stuff comes up. (here’s a video I shared on integrating to higher frequencies if you missed it)

How do you really do that? Can you really do that when life is feeling hard, pressing down on you or pulling you in directions you don’t want to go? YES!

It starts with dropping your ego. If you’re feeling what you don’t want to feel – ongoing, day after day, you can look to your ego to be the creator of chaos for you.

Source never compares, operates from lack, or minimizes you in any way. Ego – 100%.

Scientists have proven that your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thought and what you focus on – and that you bring into your life what you most focus on. 

If ego is running your inner world, if it’s taken the reign of your brain, you will see lack, feel stress, experience suffering.​ That will never unlock your dreams.

Feeling like you are unloved, taken for granted, misunderstood? You will bring into your awareness proof in the form of people and experiences that you are unloved, taken for granted, misunderstood. 

Feeling like you just can’t do enough, achieve or accomplish enough to feel worthy? Successful? Complete? Oh yeah, you’ll find that proof in all you do, your ego pointing out the gap from where you are to where you “should be”.

You’ll look out in the world at everyone who’s doing more, earning more, accomplishing more than you are and maybe even think “why not me” or feel angry about where you are compared to where “they” are.

Leaving you empty and far from source.

The more you concentrate (consciously or subconsciously) on the lack, the more you’re going to get it back. Your thoughts are energy you send out like a boomerang. What you submit to the universe, the universe transmits and sends it right back to you.

Now, that’s not to say there’s not truth to what you’re feeling. People do things that are hurtful, disappointing and things don’t always go according to our plan – but how would your life shift, change and transform if you looked for something other than more of what you don’t want? Don’t have?

Shift your perspective.

What if the universe has a bigger, better plan? (it always does) What if you’re meant to learn a lesson before your next level? (you always are) What if everything is always working out for you? (it always is)

Wouldn’t that perspective help you to….

Here’s where I see so many people get caught up and stressed out. They focus on the feeling they’re feeling and if it doesn’t feel good, they make a big deal about it.

But feeling what you feel is not a bad thing. Not even fear, anger, sadness – nope, not a bad thing at all. It only “feels” bad. 

Emotions only mean the meaning we attach them to. They are not automatically bad or wrong, not predefined.

We as a society have defined emotions as good or bad. Situations as good or bad. Outcomes as good or bad. And if something or someone hurts you, you should feel mad, sad or bad right?

Not if you want to feel happy, experience more of your wildest dreams and have more adventure in your life. Yes feel what you feel, but then move along to happier ground. That may require you to implement changes, end ties with someone or whatever it takes to upgrade your experience – but happier is an option.

About emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion. They don’t actually mean any – thing. And all those situations, circumstances and outcomes – mean whatever you want them to mean.

Ask someone what makes them feel happy and they may say family, animals, reading – ask someone else and they may say being in nature, money, exercise. 

Ask someone what makes them angry and they may say being taken for granted, told what to do or who to be – ask someone else and they may say world hunger, animal abuse, domestic violence.

And all are correct. Emotions are personal. They mean nothing but the meaning we give them. They mean whatever story we attach to them. 

Now, fear, anger, sadness just to use as examples are okay as a feeling, but do become dangerous as a mindset. If you see your life through anger – you’ll experience a world of pain. See your life through sadness and you’ll experience great suffering. 

If someone hurt you, it doesn’t have to be personal or an attack on you. Maybe they have ego issues of their own and acted from that place to protect their own feelings not act out against you. Doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat and take it, just means you don’t have to feel butthurt about it for the next 3 years and suffer along the way.

See your life through happiness and whoa, everything becomes magical – you could literally perform your own miracles from nothing.

Let’s take the same person, same experience but this time you see their pain and don’t take it personal. You decide they are not a match, shake off their negative energy and move in a different direction where you easily align with a better match person. Sound too simple?

Ego likes to make a mess of things.

Why do we have this need to make things more complicated, messy, conflicting? EGO!

When you come from a place of source, you see all things on a different plain. You don’t see personal attacks, people being disrespectful, or hurtful. You see people in pain. People who are not coming from source but living through their ego.

If you are feeling resistance, what’s coming up for you? Does it seem too simple to focus on something that makes you feel better when something in your life is not perfect or the way you want it to be? (ego) When someone is not treating you the way you want or doing what you want? (ego)

Seeing from source means being free from all of that. Source clears things up, opens space, increases flow and – you feel happy.

Sound like fluff?

Before you jump on the happiness is fluff – what if happiness was sustainable? As a foundation, a lifestyle? I’ve always chuckled at people who throw tomatoes at people who express happy in all they do. Calling them fake, soft, weak.

Happiness has been the ✨🗝✨​to help me unlock my wildest dreams, create the deepest friendships and experience health and healing. When I’m in a happy state, magic happens. Every time. That’s what I’m looking for and I find it.

But how do you feel happy when you feel sad? How do you feel happy when you feel angry? You focus on something that makes you happy and stop focusing on whatever makes you feel sad or angry. 

“You know why it’s hard to be happy? It’s because we refuse to let go of the things that make us feel sad.” – Bruce Lipton

I get it. As a mom, I’ve had disagreements with my sons over the years. And I’ve felt hurt, so much that I wanted to cry every minute of the day. But in truth, that’s not what I wanted at all. I wanted to feel happy. I realized that if I stayed in the upset, wanting to cry state I was not going to heal our relationship or do anything that filled me up for that matter.

And some days my ego made that really hard on me. Telling me I should be mad, feel sad, be upset – because reason, one million and one. But no, ego does not get to rule my world. I would sit with my feelings and decide what I wanted to do with them. I reflected on what was most important and meaningful for me. And being right was not my answer. I wanted to be happy.

So I focused on what would make me feel happy in the moment. I didn’t focus on the state of the relationship, I set my intention on the healing of the relationship. I focused on me, my happiness not my anger or hurt feelings.

And even though it took time, the relationship healed and we came back together again and closer for it. Yes, my ego tried to make it more complicated, but I took those reigns and focused on what I want and how I want to feel.

I share that because I go through things too. They’re hard, challenging, gut-wrenching, make me cry things. But I still get up and choose happiness. It’s been my way out every time. (even if my ego argued with me all along the way)

Notice where your feelings are taking you.

If you feel something that does not feel good, simply notice it. But notice that you notice. It’s not easy or fun to feel what you don’t want to feel, but it is okay. You don’t have to hold onto that feeling or build your mindset on it.

Sit with the feeling you don’t want or don’t like and observe it.

Don’t sit with it and create a story to attach to the feeling.

If there’s already a story attached, something from your past comes up – ask yourself, is this story serving me or is it time to create a new one for this experience?

An example, someone you hired online didn’t fulfill the service they promised you. They dropped the ball, never completed the service they were hired for. And it left you feeling “people online are fake” and now it’s “hard to trust anyone online”. That’s not really accurate, but it feels real because of your experience.

Ego loves to generalize. (a✨🗝✨​to unlock your dream – notice when ego is generalizing) In truth, that person did not do as they promised. That does not make all people online scammy. It can however make you more aware and selective about who you choose to work with.

It’s also okay to feel what you feel for awhile. If you miss someone and feel sad, let yourself feel. Then focus on what feels good. Go do something that makes you feel happy. Again, don’t make it a mindset or theme in your life – honor your feelings then move yourself to a better feeling place.

If this is a struggle you’re not able to overcome, there may be deeper beliefs and fears at play. Not permanent, but fixed in the moment. Your ego has you fixated on those emotions in a way that makes it feel difficult to release, shift or feel better. But know that you can. With practice, and maybe even with support.

✨💖✨ Since I was a little girl I have set out to make others feel better.

I want to do all I can to move you from pain, sadness and suffering to healing, happiness and freedom. If you want my help with this, book a Magical Match Session .

We can discuss what you’re feeling, why vs. what you’d like to be feeling and what’s stopping you from getting there. And of course, if we’re a magical match to work together, discuss next steps to move you to happier ground and unlock those beautiful dreams of yours. ✨🗝✨

Because this tidal wave of energy we’ve been experiencing is very on purpose. Directed at those of us who are here for a higher calling. here to bring healing and awareness to others. To help us purge what is lurking in our energy that is no longer serving us.

This can take you out of sync, out of your usual flow, out of your rhythm – all to help you notice what needs releasing for your transformation. It helps you recognize old patterns that dupe you right back into your old ways. All so you can say oh hello! I see this needs to change, this is not who I am anymore.

It’s in this dark feeling time that you can truly discover your light, your power and be better for it – to perform your own miracles and make your life more magical – more than ever before!

Because happiness is the key to unlock all your wildest dreams! ✨🗝✨ The faster we can get you into that true, happy state the faster your life will become magical!