Work With Me

I’m here to help you believe in your body again so you can capture your vitality & keep it!

As a Medical Intuitive, I specialize in perceiving information concerning your energetic + physical body, to remove blockages, translate information stored in your energy centers, and provide personalized tools for healing, vitality and transformation.

As an Energy Coach, I use an interactive approach to improve your energy by helping you eliminate what’s not working to get what you do want out of life.

I work with you to discover who you are at this stage of your life, clear stagnation, honor your desires, find new purpose, create supportive beliefs, and remove emotional obstacles (and what is not serving you in your life) to feel vibrant and bring in all the amazingness life has to offer.

I help you assess what’s no longer a match for you and re-program your conditioning so that you are using your unconscious thinking to your advantage as you step into your revitalized self and give you the tools to constantly grow and add richness, happiness, and vitality to your life for ever more.

As a result you function internally, from positive core beliefs and learn to utilize your natural strengths. This process allows for healthier decisions, positive energy, improved wellbeing and ultimately, inner peace.  You develop healthy lifestyle changes more rapidly and produce permanent, satisfying results. 

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Every session ends with personalized energy strategies to keep you feeling light and clear, vibrant and ready to pursue your bigger passions.